Battlefield - We'll Rock Again

Battlefield – We’ll Rock Again Review

Battlefield play plain and simple heavy metal. Guitar driven, here’s enough variety and good ideas, but some of the tracks in the first half are just too long and repetitive. The production is clean with the drums sounding a little bit too hollow at times. The vocal performance is too forced sometimes, with a singer trying too hard, getting the listener out of the mood from otherwise good songs.

With that said, We’ll Rock Again is definitely the band’s most professional work to date. Groovy at times but also harder, the leads really add up to the final result. Hopefully this new LP will open new roads and throw some light for the already 15 years old band.

For fans of
  • Wow factor: 6
  • Freshness: 6
  • Production: 6
  • Previous works: 8








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    Iván Martínez Torres

    Thanks for your words and the
    sincerity .
    I you need more information about
    the band please contact with us.

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