Cattle Decapitation - Terrasite

Cattle Decapitation – Terrasite Review

Whether you love or hate them, Cattle Decapitation are the present and future of death extreme metal.

While still melodic as the much discussed Death Atlas (2019), the new LP from the Californians sounds groovier and is more riff oriented. There’s brutal death, melodeath and also melodic black, always technical and with traces of core and event a hint of djent.

If you are not a fan of the goblin vocals, they’re still there but in less quantity. If you love them, they integrate much better and there’s still plenty of catchy choruses. Songwriting? Check. Aggressiveness? Check. Performance? Check. After ten albums at their peak.

All of this of course wouldn’t be the same without the big modern punchy production, making every instrument shine and the whole thing ending up in a crushing bass sounding airstrike.

For fans of
  • Wow factor: 8
  • Freshness: 8
  • Production: 7
  • Previous works: 9







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