Hallas - Isle of Wisdom

Hällas – Isle of Wisdom Review

Hällas is dead. Long live Hällas! Worry not, the band from Linköping is far from dead, but »Isle of Wisdom« follows a new story as the knight Hällas died at the end of Conundrum (2019). The band is back with their blend of 70s prog and harder rock, again influenced by bands like Camel or Rush, both highly present in this new record. Adventure rock its what they call it.

Everything sounds bigger and better even if its hard to top their previous album. The new LP is 45 minutes but feels way shorter. This is what happens when there’s no fillers and mostly every track in the album is a banger, with some highlights like “Earl’s Theme”, “Elusion’s Gate” or “Gallivants (Of Space)”.

For fans of
  • Wow factor: 8
  • Freshness: 7
  • Production: 6
  • Previous works: 8







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