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  • Darkthrone – Astral Fortress Review

    Darkthrone – Astral Fortress Review

    Way past the Unholy Trinity and far from the sound that made them popular, Darkthrone don’t give a fuck what others have to say about their music endeavours. They just record whatever they feel like and maybe that’s the reason why they have been relevant for over 35 years and they still are. Forever changing,…

  • Hällas – Isle of Wisdom Review

    Hällas – Isle of Wisdom Review

    Hällas is dead. Long live Hällas! Worry not, the band from Linköping is far from dead, but »Isle of Wisdom« follows a new story as the knight Hällas died at the end of Conundrum (2019). The band is back with their blend of 70s prog and harder rock, again influenced by bands like Camel or…