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  • Mansion – Second Death

    Mansion – Second Death

    Enter Mansion, a Finnish doom project characterised by a gloomy atmosphere, occult themes, a modern production and Alma’s but also Osmo’s vocals. Hypnotic at times, ambient soundscapes and multiple layers in the mix adds greatly to the experience. Percussion is also a highlight maybe for the same reason, but also for the use of different…

  • Lord Vigo – We Shall Overcome Review

    Lord Vigo – We Shall Overcome Review

    Second part in a trilogy, prequel to the excellent Blade Runner-inspired Danse de Noir (2020), and a direct sequel to Rush‘s 2112 (1976) masterpiece. The music itself follows the poppy and futuristic epic doom metal presented in the previous record, with clear influences from bands such the mentioned Rush or the underrated Tony Martin-era Black…