Lord Vigo - We Shall Overcome

Lord Vigo – We Shall Overcome Review

Second part in a trilogy, prequel to the excellent Blade Runner-inspired Danse de Noir (2020), and a direct sequel to Rush‘s 2112 (1976) masterpiece. The music itself follows the poppy and futuristic epic doom metal presented in the previous record, with clear influences from bands such the mentioned Rush or the underrated Tony Martin-era Black Sabbath. There’s hints of prog elements but half of their 80s-futuristic vibe drinks mainly from the use of keyboards, synthesisers and the conceptual theme.

The other half is obviously the production. Not only the vocal approach matches Black Sabbath‘s Headless Cross (1989) but seems they are also fans of its production, incorporating gated reverbs to the drums and a variety of effects giving that timeless vibe to the sound product of the 80s (the band used Ultravox meets Manowar meets The Cure to describe it). Nevertheless, this is far from synthetic and you can appreciate how carefully every guitar passage, lead or drum part was recorded and carefully placed as a piece of the puzzle. The band did everything by themselves but the mastering duties were given to Patrik Engel, with a great DR8 as a result.

For fans of
  • Wow factor: 8
  • Freshness: 7
  • Production: 6
  • Previous works: 8







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