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  • Edu Falaschi – Eldorado Review

    Edu Falaschi – Eldorado Review

    Power metal doesn’t get much better than this. Eldorado (2023) is the central chapter in the Vera Cruz (2021) trilogy, being the previous record one of the most surprising power metal records in the latest years together with Dimhav‘s The Boreal Flame (2019) and Helloween‘s comeback (2021). Musically this still continues Angra‘s arguably best era…

  • Galneryus – Between Dread and Valor Review

    Galneryus – Between Dread and Valor Review

    If you’re not familiar with the nipponese Galneryus, just imagine going back to the early 2000s euro-power metal scene, where neoclassical was the cournerstone of the genre. Add virtuosos playing each instrument, specially axeman and founder Syu, and top with Japanesse vocals that of course will sound like they are straight outta your favourite anime…