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  • Warmen – Here for None Review

    Warmen – Here for None Review

    No Salieri but a nice throwback to both Children of Bodom and Norther. Expect group choruses, power metal drumming, and a lot of shredding leading to solos from both keys and guitar. Result is a record that borrows a lot from Bodom‘s I Worship Chaos (2015) or Norther records with Lindroos, specially Death Unlimited (2004).…

  • Orbit Culture – Descent Review

    Orbit Culture – Descent Review

    Highly doubt this is the future of MDM. Orbit Culture‘s new album still includes interesting ideas, synths, a modern atmosphere that falls under an industrial-groove blended umbrella. Unfortunately not all the grooves are interesting making Descent just too generic. The main problem is however the production, or more concretely the mastering. Everything sounds completely bloated…

  • Necropanther – Betrayal Review

    Necropanther – Betrayal Review

    Necropanther walk the thin line between melodic death and blackened thrash in a sound that is best described by citing some of their influences and sound-alikes such as early Revocation or Skeletonwitch. Blazing fast and catchy because of the guitar work, both in rhythm and lead guitars, this is not as fresh as Xoth but…