Toxik - Dis Morta

Toxik – Dis Morta Review

Combining technical thrash and speed with progressive elements and even power metal, Toxik‘s first new material in 33 years is without a doubt one of this year’s surprises. Despite a big modern production, there’s a certain old-school aftertaste mainly because of the Eric van Druten / Josh Christian’s guitar duo sound and the powerful yet versatile vocals provided by Ron Iglesias. As most metal nowadays, »Dis Morta« is pretty compressed DR6 but we will turn a deaf ear as the mix lets you hear every element and each instrument has its time to shine. The final product its almost 45 minutes of aggressive riffs, brilliant songwriting and great performances wrapped in a big production that just sounds amazingly fresh.

This might be as close as it gets to listen to something similar to the defunct Nevermore, with almost nothing to complain despite maybe the artwork. Toxik is back with a vengeance and has nothing to envy to the band they were when they recorded such classic albums as World Circus (1987) or Think This (1989).

For fans of
  • Wow factor: 8
  • Freshness: 8
  • Production: 6
  • Previous works: 9







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