Tribal Gaze - The Nine Choirs

Tribal Gaze – The Nine Choirs Review

Sometimes less is more. Tuned down guitars almost matching the bass, someone who can beat the hell out of the drums, screaming gutturals and a good collection of riffs and breakdowns. Old-school death metal with hardcore-borrowed breakdowns. That pretty much sums up what Tribal Gaze are all about.

Yes, there’s a lot of bands doing that right now and the style is starting to get saturated: Acts like Tomb Mold, Celestial Sanctuary or Creeping Death also share a very similar sound. What Tribal Gaze have to offer in their debut is nine highly entertaining and well-written choirs full of crazy riffing. There’s even some hints of doom even if most album is fast paced.

For fans of
  • Wow factor: 8
  • Freshness: 7
  • Production: 6
  • Previous works: 8







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