Gorod - The Orb

Gorod – The Orb Review

The Orb is full of groovy technical death with crazy riffing. The Frenchmen manage once again to compile a varied, well-written album with many different parts per track without falling into making them sound awkward or different songs glued together. Listening again to the singles “Breeding Silence” and “Victory” just confirms the statement, making them feel like modern metal classics.

Some tracks will put a smile in your face because the french now experiment with jazzy but mean, dark and pretty technical Opeth-type tracks like “Savitri” or “Waltz of Shades”. Title track “The Orb” is the most daring, with a similar approach to Gojira’s Fortitude (2021). Production is clean but moderate, fitting better a heavy metal record than a death metal album. Nevertheless, listening to the compositions this must have been a tough decision also the correct one.

Why haven’t Gorod taken off as their fellow countrymen Gojira? So far this is one of the albums of the year.

For fans of
  • Wow factor: 8
  • Freshness: 7
  • Production: 7
  • Previous works: 8







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