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  • Gorod – The Orb Review

    Gorod – The Orb Review

    The Orb is full of groovy technical death with crazy riffing. The Frenchmen manage once again to compile a varied, well-written album with many different parts per track without falling into making them sound awkward or different songs glued together. Listening again to the singles “Breeding Silence” and “Victory” just confirms the statement, making them…

  • Necropanther – Betrayal Review

    Necropanther – Betrayal Review

    Necropanther walk the thin line between melodic death and blackened thrash in a sound that is best described by citing some of their influences and sound-alikes such as early Revocation or Skeletonwitch. Blazing fast and catchy because of the guitar work, both in rhythm and lead guitars, this is not as fresh as Xoth but…